The Drop London

Hey guys, above is a link to an upcoming event which has been organised by a few friends of mine. They are trying to bring Moombahton, Trap and Tropical House to London in a very big way. Fronted by my main man Harikiri (a very talented London based music producer), they produce some heavenly bass lines and some wind and grind tunes. Take a look at the sight and hopefully we will see you there!! PEACE

Kidnap Kid - So Close (

I have been following Kidnap Kid (and their Blackbutter Bredrin) for a while now, since the release of Rudimental Ft Mnek & Syron - Spoons stole my attention and caught my interest in their unique sound. Yet another amazing track from the producer of such tunes as Vehl… This is chilled, upbeat.. and generally a beatifully made. Show your support!! give it a listen!

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Final one for the night.. heard this on a beach at Outlook Festival 2012. Was brilliant, didn’t come from a main stage.. just a guy with a massive speaker.. and to him Thank you! Paul and Fritz Kalbrenner - Sky and Sand

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More from the producer Bakermat. A lot of respect for this song, some nice soulful vocals surrounded by some melodic beats. This one’s called Leven… Do you want me to tell you about my love!?!? xx

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If you haven’t heard this by now then you need to crawl out from under your rock… An absolutely beautiful tune which would suit a summers day on the beach. German producer Klangkarussell with Sonnentanz! ENjoy. Peace and Love x

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More chilled Vibes.. Bakermat - Zomer.. I cant stop posting now.. I was challenged to find something Tropical and similar to the James Welsh song I posted a while ago. Give this song a chance because when it kicks in you will not turn back!

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OK so I was requested, by a very special lady ;), to come up with something Mediterranean.. This had me stumped at first, what is Mediterranean?!?! Obviously I know its a place but when it comes to music I was drawing blanks. So I pulled out one of the only tracks that makes me feel like im on the Mediterranean beaches…. Its from a producer called MAM and its called (very appropriate) Sunset Funk. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do… Mediterranean Vibes.. Peace and Love x 

In one of my last posts i mentioned a producer named ‘Else’ and told you about their track ‘Airlines’. Else are a French House Group from Tououse and I will be keeping an eye on their tour dates… Now here is their latest production; it took me aback when i first heard it. It reminded me of Kavinsky, in the way that it made me feel like the coolest mutha on the planet for listening to it. I wanted to get in my car and drive with the window down, even if it is a shitty car! Beautifully produced and very well put together, I 1000000% recommend this to anyone who listens to any sort of Electro/House.. 

Hey Guys, stumbled upon the French House DJ Cherokee a few days, he has filled my week with the most Chilled/Tropical House Vibes I have heard in 2013. Along with producers like Estate (big up btw), they have injected soul and happiness into my life. Bringing the old school and smashing it with the Nu. Just crack a beer/roll one up… whatever you do ;) just relax and listen. Peace and Love x

Hey Guys, this is the link to the above post :) Hope you enjoy!! 

Been a while…

It’s been too long since my last post. I guess not having a computer combined with a sting of illnesses will do that to you! Well don’t worry i’m all better now and I have been scanning the music blogs for my favourite tunes to recommend to you guys. So here goes.. This comes from an ‘entity’ named ‘Else’. Now I have massive respect for whoever this is… very few people know whether this is a man/woman/cross.. who knows.. all I know is that they make mega-tunes and head bopping beats. Everyone who is into any form of Disco.. Nu or Old Skool needs to keep an eye on ‘Else’ for when they play in a town near you.. it is imperative that you attend! Below is a link to the track ‘Airlines’ which was the first I heard and lead me onto listening to more. Well I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Until next time :) Much Love and Keep on Living xx

Acapella version of gotye’s somebody i ised to know, Probably better than the original

Smooth sultry sounds, one of the best tracks i’ve been woken up by :)